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General Information about FDIC Insurance

Protect Yourself Against Fraud and Identity Theft


Be Aware of Fraudulent Emails and Scams

Please be aware of common scams and phishing attempts. If you receive an email from us asking for any personal information, please do not respond via email, but call us at 319-373-5400 or email us at to report the request.

Be especially wary if you receive any email, text, or voicemail that appears to be coming from Heritage Bank and asks you for your credentials such as log on information or account information or social security information. Make it a standard procedure to call us at 319-373-5400 or email us at if you get a request before you act on it.

A common phishing scam is an email to you that may appear to be from us asking you to click a link and log on to update your personal information. If you hover your cursor over a link provided it will show a hover link that is different from the one in the text. This is a sure sign that it is a fraudulent link. If you are directed to a web page, the logo and buttons might look similar to ours but it is likely a pixelated screen copy.  When browsing to the bank website it should read or as the first part of the address line. Pay particular attention to the 'https' in the address.

Read your email carefully. The ‘from’ address should always end in The '.bank' domain extension cannot be registered by any entity other than a bank and is a safeguard and security feature of our bank.
If you receive an email from any email address without the .bank domain designation that has any of our bank information or name in it report it to us immediately.

As a note, scam emails usually can be quickly identified by the following:

  • The message is poorly written with obvious grammatical errors.

  •  Awkward sentence structure. It may seem to be written by someone with English as a second language or a computer program.

  • Statement that your “account has been compromised”

  • Urgent request to update your information. Immediate attention is required or your account will be closed.

  • If an email contains attachments you are not expecting, do not open them. Attachments can contain malware or viruses that could infect your system.

If you suspect or can confirm that you’ve been phished, it’s best to report the attempt directly to the person or organization being spoofed. You can also contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to lodge a complaint. Once completed, delete the email, then empty your trash or delete the text.  Run a complete virus/malware scan of your system immediately.

More information can be found regarding scams, phishing (and its variations), and identity theft by following these links:

U.S. Government Scams and Fraud information

Federal Bureau of Investigation Fraud and Identity Theft Information

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